Computer selection of eyebrows and lips!


We present to you the method of preliminary computer selection of the ideal sketch for a tattoo that matches your type!

You have a unique opportunity to get an option designed to match all the proportions, particularities and features of your face, and also try on different shapes of eyebrows and choose the best one.

Examples: (Click on the image to preview)

Computer selection of eyebrows

Computer selection of lips


Eyebrow shape examples

(Click on the image to preview)

An example of the computer selection of eyebrows

 To order:

1) Choose your favorite eyebrow shape from the catalog or suggest your option

Choose the eyebrow shape

2) Send a photo of your face of good quality (full face) to the email Make sure to write your contacts (phone number)in the email.

The cost of the individual computer selection of your ideal eyebrow shape

5,000 rub

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