Permanent Makeup - for those who don’t know, for those who are afraid


Permanent Makeup - for those who don’t know, for those who are afraid

Despite the fact that the technology of permanent makeup was developed in Taiwan in the 1980s and has since been greatly improved, there are people everywhere who have no idea what it is, or people who are scared or hurt by unprofessional work.

Permanent makeup means “long-term makeup”, which can't be washed off with means for washing, like decorative cosmetics (Make-Up), but gradually disappears after a few years due to the renewal of skin cells. The duration of permanent makeup varies, on average, from 2 to 5 years.

Permanent makeup has several names: tattoo, tattoo makeup, contour makeup, etc.

The technology of permanent makeup is designed to fulfill the long-awaited dream of many women - to be beautiful at any time of the day.

Everywhere, wherever you are - in the pool, in the gym, on the sea - in any most extreme conditions, you will be sure that your makeup doesn't smear under the influence of moisture, but remains on you.

I'd like to clarify the possibilities, features and differences of permanent makeup from Make-Up.

Using permanent makeup, you can change or correct the shape of eyebrows, eyes and lips, if necessary, or add color intensity, as well as combine these goals. In one word - to fix the "errors of nature" that you don't like.

Modern fashion trends are the naturalness of color and shape. The work must be done in such a way as to hide flaws, emphasize advantages, and, at the same time, not be evident.

Suppose you aren't satisfied with your eyebrows and you have to touch them up every day; or visit a beauty parlor every 2-3 weeks to give them the desired shape and color.

In addition, you can touch your eyebrows up only where they grow, but what if there's no hair in the right place?! Are you tired of dyeing your eyebrows over and over again?

Isn’t it better to “draw” eyebrows you dream about and admire yourself every day for several years?

The modern method of permanent makeup can do it. And the technique of applying hair, even of two colors, works wonders.

Given professional artistic performance and the right choice of color, no one will guess that your eyebrows are the result of applying permanent makeup.

Or do you have small, inexpressive eyes and you need to get up every morning earlier than everyone else, so that you aren’t caught in your natural state, and you have to spend a lot of time applying decorative cosmetics?

In addition, for lovers of eyeliner - even the best sharpened eyeliner can't make such thin, clear, elegant, and indelible lines as the permanent makeup can.

And even great masters of permanent makeup won't be able to identify the so-called “thick eyelash effect” procedure, i.e. darkening of the space between lashes.

The situation with lips is the same. Aren't you satisfied with the shape? Do you want to make your lips bigger? Are they asymmetric? Or do you have the "trouble" of partially or completely lack of pigmentation?!

Do you have "bloodless" lips to match your complexion? Blurry outline? Any of your flaws can be fixed with permanent makeup.

The master will help you figure out what you need. First of all, taking into account your wishes and according to the rules of makeup.

Just a contour that looks unnatural has practically become a thing of the past. A contour with the so-called shading has replaced it, with the obligatory condition that the contour isn't separated from the shading. With the right choice of pigment and technique, you will become the owner of chic lips that don't need lipstick.

How does this happen? The technology is based on the principle of tattooing, i.e. the injection of dye (pigment) into the surface layers of the skin with special devices and pigments for permanent makeup - and in no case with tattoo machines and inks for body tattoos!!!

Devices and pigments for permanent makeup of Asian origin, as well as their Russian counterparts, are a thing of the past, due to their imperfections and non-compliance with modern requirements of medicine and aesthetics.

They don't allow to achieve high quality results.

There typical disadvantages are:

- severe injury which leads to bleeding during the procedure, long healing, and sometimes to scarring at the place of pigmentation;

- inaccuracy of drawing and the inability to execute the thinnest lines due to high lateral vibrations of needles made of poor-quality metals;

- unevenness of the depth of the pigment leads to color inhomogeneity;

And yes, non-European-made pigments are often chemically hazardous. They don't disappear with time and change color.

Surely many of you have seen blue, green, or pink eyebrows, or blue lips, and, even worse, scars on the skin.

All these are the consequences of amateurish work performed with the help of old-generation equipment.

Fortunately, now professionals can fix a lot, but sadly some of these "art pieces" will remain with you forever.

So, if you decide to become the owner of "permanent" beauty, it's very important to choose the right master.

Each master, respecting themselves and their client, must keep up with the times, that is, have a device and pigments with mandatory certification of state-of-the art solutions.

The body of accumulated knowledge in the field of electronics, mechanics, chemistry, dermatology helped to create equipment that makes the permanent makeup procedure gentle, i.e. almost bloodless and painless, due to minimal trauma to the skin. A special composition of hypoallergenic pigments enables their gradual disappearance without discoloration.

The master is required to have a certificate confirming their right to practice permanent makeup. All consumables must be disposable!!!

In addition to these mandatory requirements, a true permanent makeup artist should have a classic taste, excellent vision of beauty, a sense of symmetry, and, of course, sufficient experience.

Remember! Correcting defective work is much more difficult and expensive and in the most difficult cases even impossible.So, don't forget - buy nice or buy twice.

Now high-quality permanent makeup can't cost less than $ 200 because the price of procedures on new equipment has increased significantly.

Therefore, don't hesitate to ask the master for a catalog of their works (with photos before and after the procedure), listen to the recommendations, and even better if you see the master’s work visually, in public. This last aspect is especially important because the presence of a diploma, certificates, and appropriate equipment is by no means an indicator of the master’s talent.

So, don't be afraid - make the right choice, and your dream will come true!


Written by Diana Averbukh


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